How Neck Collars Can Help Treat Artists’ Pain

How Neck Collars Can Help Treat Artists’ PainNeck pain is an uncomfortable condition that can happen to just about anyone in an accident. Because of this, it can be especially debilitating for artists who have to hunch over a canvas all day. The cervical spine provides the maximum amount of support to the brain and skull with the help of several vertebrae. The cervical spine is also designed to protect the vital nerves that are housed in the upper body, including those that serve the face, throat, neck, and all the upper limbs. Therefore, it’s easy to understand why this area of the body is so carefully protected. In the event of any damage, physicians will do whatever is necessary to protect the cervical spine. One of the primary ways of doing this is with the use of a cervical neck collar(, or C-collar. These are used to provide support to the spine in the event of a painful situation. Neck collars are used to limit the amount of movement of the neck and cervical portion of the spine. Therefore, it’s an essential element in treating common injuries to that area of the body. Neck collars can be used to prevent injuries in the future, as well.

Neck collars gained popularity because they provide support for the spinal cord and head due to traumatic head and neck injuries. Neck collars will prevent any damage to the spinal cord due to serious injury. Therefore, they’re essential in preventative care after an emergency. However, one doesn’t have to have a severe case of whiplash or other emergency condition to have the need for one of these collars. In fact, they’re a popular choice among physicians to treat chronic neck conditions. In addition, they can be helpful for realigning the spinal cord. Cervical neck collars can be found in four major types, depending on the user’s primary need. The basic neck collars that are available on the market include gel-filled hot or cold packs, soft foam collars, foam immobilization collars, and the Sternal Occipital Mandibular Immobilizer collar or (SOMI). Many have seen how some of these collars looked in the past. Generally, they’re used in older comedy movies. However, modern neck collars are available in various sizes and include Velcro fittings for a comfortable, snug fit. Neck collars are designed to be worn at all times and can even be used while the patient sleeps.

One of the most popular forms of the neck collar is the soft foam collar. It helps to eliminate the pain felt from minor neck injuries and muscle tension. While these are the least expensive, they’re also the most limited in their use. Gel-filled pack collars are predominately used for injuries that have caused inflammation and stiffness in the neck. These are much easier and convenient to use than typical heating pads, which are difficult to secure around the neck. Foam immobilization collars are designed to strengthen neck muscles after an injury. The SOMI is used to treat serious conditions after head and neck traumas. As you can see, there’s a neck collar designed for any type of neck pain or injury. It’s best to discuss with your physician what your best option is to treat your neck pain.