Helping African Orphans

Many people who have never been to Africa try to understand the life of children there only through the reports they get from various missions, and reporters and they often fail to understand how difficult it really is, especially the life of orphaned children.

Struggling for Survival

Although there are rare exceptions, children who lead a normal life to some extent, the other do not lead a happy life at all. The child’s contentment is largely influenced by what they expect from their surrounding and although young children can be happy and enjoy a nice childhood without some conveniences of the so-called wealthy life by getting engaged in a number of household chores and working in the field and having the support in everything they do from their parents, the situation drastically changes in orphaned children who do not have one or both parents.

It is known that children have the ability to adapt to various circumstances easier and faster than adult persons, but when they are faced with such a difficult situation where they become the main income-earners and where they are expected to feed their younger siblings and provide them with at least some necessities they become extremely vulnerable, their lives turn upside down and they often sacrifice themselves so that they could give to their younger brothers and sisters at least a little part of what they need and show them the right way. Some of these children live from the kindness of their relatives, but many of them end up working as domestic and farm servants for some non-related adults who often treat them in a not so kindly way and they often become the victims of abuse in such circumstances. Many of them, on the other hand, end up finding items from the rubbish dumps and selling them, hawking goods or begging on the streets and they often have little prospect of help and success in life as well as their younger siblings.

Is There a Proper Solution for Such a Big Problem?

Numerous attempts have been made to help the orphaned Children in Africa, but not all of them were successful. People in developed areas of the world often fail to realize the truth and see the struggle for survival of these poor children, and therefore little help arrives each year. Although this is not the situation with all people around the world and although some of them continuously provide help to these children and try to raise awareness of other people, this goes slowly. The only solution lies in various Christian Missions in Africa and other organizations founded with the purpose of helping African children and improving the quality of their lives.

One such foundation is the Rafiki Foundation whose mission is to Sponsor an African Child and help Africans know God and raise their standard of living. It has already established Training Villages within ten African countries where the orphans can get the care they need and where they can study Bible, get classical Christian Education and pass through special Rafiki Foundation training, but many other such organizations need to be founded so that all orphaned children in Africa can lead a normal life.

George Cole
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