Mercedes Benz Will Stop At Nothing To Sell Dog Owners Their Cars

Dog Lovers and Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz Looking to Catch Dog-Lovers’ Attention

There is nothing quite like the emotional connection that we have to our favorite furry pets, and the link between humans and dogs is one that can be traced back for many millennia. Understanding this relationship, Mercedes-Benz has taken the famous (by internet standards, which really is nothing to scoff at) wolfdog Loki and featured him in some 360 degree videos, along with Loki’s owner Kelly Lund, enjoying the blanketed white mountains of Colorado. This being a branded video straight from Mercedes Benz, of course, they spend their time in the videos driving around in the new 2017 GLS SUV.

However, and to be honest, the videos – one 360 degrees and mentioned above and another more traditionally shot – are really well done. And this is coming from someone who is generally hyper skeptical when it comes to marketing, branding or “celebrity” endorsements. The reason that I am so okay with the videos is because they really do focus on Loki and the bond held between him and his best friend Kelly. It’s really tastefully done with beautiful visuals of Loki romping through the snow while Kelly skis and snowboards or the two of them play in the snow. In fact, over the course of the two minute (traditional) video, only a little more than 30 seconds even has the 2017 GLS on screen. The 360-degree video does show much more of the vehicle, but that can be forgiven because it lets us watch Loki race alongside the GLS and do that inexplicable thing dogs love – stick his head out the window in the coldest of weather.

One thing that really shines through more than anything else (even more so than however ‘great’ Mercedes-Benz might want you to think the GLS is) is the love between Loki and Kelly Lund. That being said, I really don’t think the car manufacturer could have done any better in creating these videos while promoting the new vehicle. It is almost difficult to admit, but this is exactly the kind of attention dog lovers have deserved from corporations, and this can be seen in full effect from the myriad of comments on the video, which are uncharacteristically pleasant for anything you see on YouTube. Some of these include:

“That dog is so beautiful and magestic.” – rocknmovies

“This is perfection! Well done!” – Miranda Mars

And, of course:

“I will buy a Mercedes if they include Loki. Just kidding but he is a gorgeous wolfdog and is always happy and truly enjoying life. Just wonderful!!!” – Marlene Campbell

Considering the nastiness that seems to blanket YouTube in general, especially on corporate and brand accounts, the niceness of the comments speak volumes to how well done the videos are. As a skeptical consumer, I can say with all honesty that they have piqued my attention for the time being even if I’m not likely to ever purchase a Benz. As a dog lover, I just simply can’t get enough of the videos and wholeheartedly recommend you check them out.

Pets Are Family- Don’t Lose Their Memories

Keeping Pet Memories

 Dogs Data Damage

Pets can make us happy. Since we live longer than them, we need to face the reality that they will leave us. It may be coming or unexpected, their death can be a sad time. To see someone we have grown to love bid us good-bye can be an emotionally difficult experience.


If you’ve experienced losing your pets, you can understand how painful the ordeal can be. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to deal with this gloomy occurrence.


One of the important things that you need to do is accept that fact they’re gone, or are about to leave this world. Coming to terms with the reality of their mortality is crucial to your well-being. If they’re still alive but you know they have little time left, it’s best to talk to your veterinarian about it. With their limited time, it is vital that your pets continue to have a better quality of life.


When speaking with the vet, ask if your pets are experiencing pain as they hurdle through their last remaining days. Knowing this can help you make well-informed decisions for the best interest of your pets. By making the right decisions, it contributes to having better coping mechanisms with their loss, knowing you’ve done everything you can to ease their suffering.


In addition to pain, among the important questions to ask the vet are the following:


  • Is medical treatment a viable option to extend their life?
  • Can the pain be treated?
  • Is it still possible to give the pets a good quality life?
  • Do you think the pets are happy despite their predicament?


Of course, there is the matter of finances. You might also want to inquire how much will the treatments cost and is it possible to get affordable pet care.


Based on the vet’s answers, you can make an assessment as to what the best recourse is under your circumstances. Getting a second opinion is highly advisable if you’re not satisfied with the answers given.


While they’re still alive, do something to preserve your memory of them. You can plant a tree or donate something or create a legacy, which commemorates their life and the joy they’ve given to you. Some pet owners consider keeping the pets’ favorite toy or dish or blanket; others clip off some of their pets’ fur.


The common thing pet owners do, however, is to take pictures or videos of their pets. In the future, when you’re missing them or want to show off to people, you can simply bring up these images.


To be safe, it is crucial that you create a backup file of these photos or videos. That way, when your laptop or any mobile device, which holds these files, gets damaged, you still have a copy of the precious memorabilia.


But if the worse happens and you weren’t able to save a copy of the photos or videos you painstakingly saved, you’ll be glad to know there’s someone who can help you.


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Take proper care of the animal and define humanity


Animal abuse is a growing threat in the highly developed countries around the world. This can be concluded as a report says, with the economical downfall pets were abandoned in more numbers and the abuse increases measurably. Alike the small human kids, the pets thrive for affection and positive interaction. If you do have any animal whether be it in your home or farm proper care is to take of the animal.

otter-779457_640The major concern is that the relative importance of animal health care mustn’t be neglected for any reason.

Proper and healthy diet with food supplements are required to be fed to the animal

  • The animal care practitioners or so called as veterinarians often say that when a pet is healthy, it leaves happily and so is the vice-versa.
  • For the animal’s optimum health standard both inside and outside, you need to feed the animals with right and essential vitamins and other food supplements as required.
  • It is certainly not enough to feed the animals regularly.
  • You need to add on supplements that would enrich their body to fight diseases and other ailments. This would certainly hike the animal’s growth.

Know your responsibility before bringing a pet to home

  • Most often it is your child who begs you to bring the pet.
  • Your kid would promise you to keep proper care personally and feed by self.
  • If you are accepting the wish of your kid then certainly you must guide your kid to stick on to the words as committed.
  • You have to teach your kid at first how to take proper care of the animal.
  • You need to hold patiently and furnish the responsibility of your child.
  • This would certainly prevent your child from abusing the animal in future.
  • Not only your child must you even avoid harming the animal in any way.

Teach your kid to know the responsibility with an animal

  • It is a common matter that human kids have good hearts. You can get them influenced by teaching them how to take proper care. You can even give examples that some people get bored after some days of maintaining the responsibility. This initiates them to get irregular and angry, so they harm them. You are completely responsible for guiding your kid if you are bringing any pet to your house.
  • The cuteness of any animal inspires when it is a tiny one is in size. As the animal grows, the size alters, and the previous cute factor gets reduced. The lovable instants and affectionate attitude would remain the same, and you need to make your kid understand this. Bringing a pet into the house is certainly a commitment given to the animal to take proper care and this commitment needs to continue for life long.
  • Before adding the animal to your family, make your kid understand the responsibilities. This can be done by comparing the animal with your kid. Each of the steps must be made in a valuable and intellectual way, so that your kid would understand the responsibility with accepting the pet as a member of a family. Never forget to share that animal too has feelings and remind your kid never to hurt them.

Big Business Reaches New Territory


Recently we’ve seen a massive push from a local small business to extend it’s reach outside of the us. Most active has been the tech sector buy even small niche patented products are now being pushed overseas with the help of online e commerce stores. Leading the way is always the big players, we can learn a lot from the mistakes they have made along the way…

Going Gently, Gently into Europe

The Seattle based conglomerate coffee company, Starbucks, has actually revealed strategies to broaden it has a 4,000-strong brand with over 650 individual branches prepared for continental Europe.

Starbucks is presently opening brand-new branches worldwide at a rate of 3 per day. “We’re taking a softly, softly method when it pertains to Europe,” discussed a spokesperson for Starbucks Europe. “We anticipate to open shops in the huge 4 nations– Italy, Germany, France and Spain– in the next 24 to 36 months.”.

The business has actually had branches for some time outside of the United States, in places as far and wide as Thailand, Dubai, and Saudi Arabia. Starbucks coffee has struck some customers in these countries as exotic, luring, and addicting.Japanese are especially attracted to this American import, with over 200 outlets serving consumers throughout the nation.

Now, Starbucks is trying to encroach upon what Europe considers its own pride and joy, not to be challenged by outside impersonators.


Italians Protect Coffee Culture.

In Italy– where one city has already formed an association to secure historical cafés– a battle lies ahead.

For Italians, drinking their coffee is as routine as breathing– a recent study found that 70 million cups of espresso are drunk in Italy each year. That’s 600 shots per person, consumed in any of Italy’s 110,000 coffee shop. Milan, nexus of the fashion world, has some 600 cafés alone.

And Italians’ cafés provide pride and joy. In this nation where walkway cafés are securely entrenched in the national subconscious, Starbucks’ announcement has triggered an uproar.

“The Italian café is a culture that the Americans have repackaged,” said a spokesman for among Starbucks’ European competitors. “They focus more on their image than the coffee.”.

Italy’s La Stampa paper chided: “We thought we had everything in Italy, but it ends up we lacked the main thing: American coffee,”.

Swiss as Taste Testers.

It’s not Starbucks’ first foray into the European market. Just three years ago, the very first Starbucks was opened at Britain’s Manchester Airport. There are now 200 stores in this nation alone, with plans for an additional 140 outlets to open in the next two years.

But on the Continent, Starbucks may have a powerful difficulty. Europeans like their coffee plain and easy– the Starbucks custom of personalized, high-maintenance coffees simply may not fly. Though Europeans might select espressos instead of cappuccinos, having a coffee is a cherished break, or possibly a leisurely start, for one’s day.

La dolce vita might not be the same if it is taken to go. One Swiss paper writer dismissed Starbucks as “coffee culture in a cardboard cup.”.

Yet Starbucks has currently ventured into Switzerland, where its three-storied Zurich store draws in customers in one of 50 outlets prepared for the alpine nation.

In fact, the firm views Switzerland, typically a melting pot with its three national languages, as a fantastic testing-ground that would enable numerous citizenships and ethnicities to sample its item. “The Swiss shop is our toe-in-the-water test for continental Europe because of the multi-cultural nature of the city,” said the Starbucks Europe spokeswoman.

Pressing an International Brand.

American coffee, Starbucks and other competitors, have been criticized recently for being too weak and overly commercialized. However the business insists that it has actually welcomed graciously with open arms on the Continent. And remarkably, some European rivals grudgingly credit Starbucks with unlocking to Europe’s espresso bar market.

“The Europeans, in particular, are rather happily shocked when they taste Starbucks for the very first time,” Starbucks chairman Howard Schultz informed journalism just recently, “since American coffee has had a bad credibility for so long.”.

The business keeps that it is taking into account the local influences of the brand-new Starbucks countries. Though the company owns almost all of its stores in the States, Starbucks finds local company partners in a lot of foreign markets. And while it doesn’t alter its coffee offerings, the food options are adjusted to regional cultures.

“We do not think we are an American company, however an international brand,” Howard Behar, president of Starbucks Coffee International current informed the BBC. In Britain, Starbucks hopes to draw from the national pub culture to make Starbucks yet another meeting point, he included.

But Starbucks’ obstacle will not only be its ability to open and keep branches world-wide, however to overturn decades, if not centuries, of custom.

Coffee is already presently the 2nd biggest traded product worldwide, just after oil. With Starbucks pressing into newer areas faster than it can create new coffee variations, this trend looks set to continue.